My View: Most likely One Of The Finest Present-Biz Events You Can Go To….Jim Caruso’s Forged Celebration

The thirteenth Annual Joe Iconis Christmas Extravaganza returned post-pandemic December 8 – tenth at 54 Under. The home was as common packed to the rafters to chortle at Iconis’s merry chase via vacation songs and tomfoolery.

The Forged, Crew and Musicians of the Joe Iconis Christmas Extravaganza at 54 Under

Regulars Annie Golden wowed with “Have Your self A Merry Little Christmas”

Annie Golden

Murphy Taylor Smith, Lorinda Lisitza and Jason SweetTooth Willams “I Want You A Merry Christmas”

Jason SweetTooth Willams

Murphy Taylor Smith, Lorinda Lisitza and Jason SweetTooth Willams

Lauren Marcus Iconis’s spouse was again.

Lauren Marcus

Different forged members included:

Morgan Siobhan Inexperienced

Will Roland

Andrew Barth Feldman

MiMi Scardulla

Brooke Shapiro, Vince Fazzolari, Murphy Taylor Smith, Jared Weiss and Jon El-Jor

Jackie Sanders

Jeremy Morse

Danielle Gimbal

Julia Morrison

Jason SweetTooth Willams

Lorinda Lisitza

Jackie Sanders

Sam Primack

Omar Garibay

Katrina Rose Dideriksen

Invoice Coyne

Liz Lark Brown

Invoice Coyne and Liz Lark Brown

Liz Lark Brown and her backup dancers that includes- Jon El-Jor, Jax Terry, Noah Silverman and Kevin Michael Murphy

Forged Members of The Joe Iconis Christmas Extravaganza

Kelly McIntyre

Will Roland and Sam Primack

Annie Golden

Harrison Chad and Morgan Siobhan Inexperienced

Phil Jackson Smith

Laura Dadap and Kevin Michael Murphy

Jason SweetTooth Willams, Tiatiana Wechsler

Mistletoe Munchkins- Sara Al-Bazali and Noah Silverman

Joe Iconis

These festive gamers performed elves, reindeer, an inebriated Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and a snowman.

The present was written by Joe Iconis and directed by John Simpkins.  It featured Joe Iconis, Annie Golden, Sara Al-Bazali, Philippe Arroyo, Nick Blaemire, Liz Lark Brown, Chad Burris, Gerard Canonico, Harrison Chad, Invoice Coyne, Laura Dadap, Giovanny Diaz de Leon, Katrina Rose Dideriksen, Rick Edinger, John El-Jor, Vince Fazzolari, Andrew Barth Feldman, Kalonjee Gallimore, Omar Garibay, Drew Gehling, Danielle Gimbal, Morgan Siobhan Inexperienced, Van Hughes, Ian Kagey, Lorinda Lisitza, Lauren Marcus, Julia Mattison, Kelly McIntyre, Jeremy Morse, Kevin Michael Murphy, Allison Philips, Josh Plotner, Sam Primack, Will Roland, Charlie Rosen, Mike Rosengarten, Jackie Sanders, MiMi Scardulla, Brooke Shapiro, Helen J. Shen, A.J. Shively, Noah Silverman, Lena Skeele, Murphy Taylor Smith, Philip JacksonSmith, Brent Stranathan, Jax Terry, Vinnie Urdea, Tatiana Wechsler, Jared Weiss, Jason SweetTooth Williams and Alyssa Wray.